Friday, May 20, 2011

Blocks to Raffle

Oh please, don't ask me why I do what I do, I just do. Yes, I bought a $1 worth (5) 5" squares of yellow fabric at the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild (Quad Cities) meeting last month. I guess the reason is that I love yellow and could not resist. You were able to add anything you wanted to make the blocks into 9 patches with yellow centers. I added scrappy, with the four corners light and the four inside squares darker. By doing this, if the winner wants to recut the blocks into 4 pieces, the rectangles would be the darker fabrics.  Will I actually put my name into the drawing? Not sure!
Mostly I have been quilting.


  1. Pretty blocks! I can't believe how many guild projects you get involved in. There is no way I could keep up. Though sometimes I wish I had more time to drop everything and play. guess it is all in the choices one makes.

  2. Jo, I got the Blogger not letting me comment fixed. It was because I had the stay signed in box checked. Now I can comment on all the blogs not just the ones with pop ups. Makes no sense to me, but it works now. And I still think your blocks are very pretty and they still make me think of an idea for a future quilt.