Sunday, March 27, 2011

Box Number 2

The quilt top I showed you on December 20th, was finally sent off to be basted the end of January and was returned to me on February 2nd. The quilt is 53" x 79". Of course I started quilting it immediately. I had the quilting done by March 3rd, it took me another 10 days to get it bound, a label made and sewn on. I named the quilt, "Did I Buy This Fabric?"

Yes, I really did buy the fabric. Way back when I started quilting I bought a couple preprint designs. I thought I could "cheat" and made quilt tops faster with them. All I wanted was to rush through the piecing so I could get to the hand quilting stage.

But I have to admit that trying to figure out what to do with this fabric so I could make it into a usable quilt was a lot of fun.

Each log cabin block has two (square) rings of quilting one red, one green. The applique hearts are quilted around the outside of each in green. The sashing is quarter inch quilted in beige. As always, I now "Big Stitch" hand quilt with size 12, Presencia perle cotton. Your can check out my website for a thread color chart.
Hope you have enjoyed!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Box Number 1

In my blog of April 8, 2010, I said I wanted something to piece so I found a pink plastic shoe box filled with 5" squares. Some of which had been made into 4-patch units. After getting them all pieced into 4-patches and into a quilt that would just fit my half of the king size bed, I  took them to my local long-armer to baste for me. When I got it back I decided to quilt it with diagonal rows in two colors of thread.

On January 30, 2011, I declared the quilt DONE!
The label was even on.
40" x 84"

Close-up of the "Big Stitch" hand quiltling.

Next up will be pictures of my Box Number 2 quilt. It's all done, too.

My Box Number 3 quilt is still in the piecing stage but I do have the center pieced. It is waiting for border inspiration.

The baby quilt for Baby Boy Fifield is just waiting for me to bind it.

Box Number 4 is at the long-armer waiting to get basted. That quilt story I will tell you another day.      Jo

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family Visit

In mid-February, our youngest son, Paul, his wife and two little girls (ages 4 & 2) came for a visit. While here the little girls wanted to "play with some fabric". I let them pick some fat quarters. They were opened up and laid on the floor for stepping stone, room dividers, etc. Toward the end of their visit, I had Haley (the 4 year old) pick out eight (8) and put then into pairs of two (2), which I made into (6") 9-patch blocks. After they left I made a doll quilt for each of the girls.
These will get shipped out to the girls today. 

While I was working on the quilts, I had a customer ask me if I was planning to sign the quilts. Answer, "no, they're just doll quilts." She gave me this look! So in the end, I grabbed a permanent pen and signed the name the girls call me.

The next picture if the newest one that Paul took while in Bellevue. It's of Potter's Mill from the creek bridge on the south edge of town. Yes, it was a very gray day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011 MAQ guild BOM

Not much to say except I do have my blocks done for the meeting on Monday night (March 7).
One block is for myself, the other block goes to the guild.

I can't say this has ever been one of my favorite blocks. Somehow I don't like the corner squares. If I ever have the unfortunate opportunity to make this block again, I will definitely do something different.

What? Not sure!

 But I have just given myself a creative idea. Why not make each block a 2nd time and see if I can make it better than the original! I have never liked big quilts made with only 12 blocks, large sashing and huge borders. It would be easier if I had 24 blocks to put together into a quilt! Mmmm, now that's a possibility.