Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Purple & Friends

A finished quilt for you to view. I named it Purple and Friends. Why you ask? Because I couldn't figure out if the second color was pink or coral. No, I am not color blind. Yes, my Grandpa was, in fact they wouldn't let him pick the strawberries because he was always picking all the green ones. Grandma got so mad when he would try to help.

Yes, I do have one son and two grandson that are color blind. No, not in the same family. My understanding is, the women are the carriers but it's the guys that get it.

Back to the quilt. I pieced the quilt approximately 15 years ago. Then it just hung in the closet and got dusty. This must truly be my year to finish up. This is the 3rd quilt in 2011 to get finished from something old.
62" x 85"

close-up of quilting motifs

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tie-Dye Table Runner

A good friend of mine stopped in the shop a couple of weeks ago and volunteered to make something out of the new fabric that I had gotten for the shop. She took home 3 of the new fabrics and solid black. After making two blocks she decided the black wasn't quite what she wanted.

So, what do you do with two blocks, why of course, you make a table runner. That she did, then brought it to me and I hand quilted it, big stitch style. It was fun using all four colors of thread.

15" x 28"