Friday, December 30, 2011

One of my old quilts - Waterwheels

This quilt was finished in the year 1995. The quilt guild in Dubuque, Iowa, had a color challenge. My color was peach. My first thought when I saw the color written on the little piece of paper was, "I don't have any fabric that's peach!" Guess what? I found 20 plus pieces of fabric on the shelves that were light peach and on into some pretty rusts.

As always, I had no idea where this quilt was going nor what size it would end up. Believe it or not, the guild had put a size limitation on the challenge and I ended up being a couple of inches too long. No, they didn't disqualify me but for a minute, I thought they might!

54" x 63"
This quilt was designed on graph paper, the greens are all one fabric, it's just the peach and rust that is made up of multiple fabrics. This quilt "talked" to me more than most of my quilts.  I had marked the quilting in the solid border with a water soluble pen in a completely different design. The next morning the quilt said, "No, I don't like what you have marked on me." So I got out a wet wash cloth and blotted all the lines out, waited for it to dry, and remarked this design.

Center upper left corner.
Center lower right corner.

This quilt was made back in the days when I still did the little hand stitches. Today, it just the Big Stitch for me.

This quilt had been hanging in my dining room but I did some rearranging lately and my fabric cupboard have moved into that spot. I figured it was about time the quilt got washed and while it was still flat with no wrinkles, a good time for a picture.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shhh! It's a Christmas present so no telling!

This summer I had a friend in the shop wanting Fossil Fern flannel from Benartex. She wanted it for backing fabrics and since she was taking over half the bolt I special ordered for her. Add to that, the fact that I have a grandson going to a college that has red and gold for their school colors, my mind went to work on what I could make that would be easy and fast.

Then, there is that box of denim that has been in the basement for what seems like forever and was I ever going to use it for something? Seems to me I had the necessary ingredients for that easy and fast quilt I wanted to make.

45" x 81"

This quilt is intended to be put in the trunk of his car and can be used for eating McDonald's in the park or sitting on to watch a band concert on the lawn. It's nothing special, just two pieces of fabric, one flannel 10" square and one denim 9" square sewn together. Then sew the blocks together using only the flannel pieces, press the seam open and sew down. I used the serpentine stick on my sewing machine. I made the 5 long rows first. Then sewed the rows together, pressing and stitching the flannel down as I went.

As I stated earlier, I wanted an easy and fast project. No spending hours here with scissors in hand trying to cut all those seam allowances for a rag quilt. I have better ways to spend my time.