Monday, May 2, 2011

MAQ Guild Library Book Challenge

As with most guilds, the Maquoketa guild library was not being used very much so we decided to have a library book challenge. All members were to take home a library book and make something inspired by the book. You can read all about my inspiration on the Blog Post titled "Need Help" on April 3rd.

Here is the quilt so far, this is the first 2 rows out of 4. The basic block is 8"s, four together makes a 16" block. I decided to incorporate the borders as I go (8"s each side). It was a good decision and leaves the quilt with a finished feel already. The width of the quilt is 64" the length will be 80" when finished.

 This is a picture of the lower left corner.


  1. The pattern is very nice. What book did you use for the inspiration and what about that book inspired you to make this particular design? I've found a library that has a used book store where I buy many of my books. I LOVE librarires and if there was a convenient one for me to borrow from, I would -- especially books on CDs.

  2. What a great idea to have a library book challenge.
    I love the way the pattern shows up in this quilt. It looks like there are layers of pattern that you notice after looking it over. I like to build in my borders as I go along too. They always fit easier and lay nicer than when I add long whole strips that have to be smoothed and eased and fussed with.