Saturday, May 7, 2011

Luke, Hexagon Doll Quilt & Scrappy Hex Flowers

I just have to show you another picture of the newest grandson, Luke. I love this picture.
Just hangin' round.

This is the hexagon doll quilt I gave to the Margaret P., doll quilt chair of the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild. She was teasing me and said to the whole guild that maybe "Jo, would make a hexagon doll quilt" for them. Well, if it were anybody but her I probably would have said no, but I just had to make one and surprise her. As I recall, the quilt is approx 24" x 29". I used the 1" hexagon papers.

These are the next 7 scrappy hexagon flowers to go on my
 Scrappy Hexagon Quilt.

I am also back to hand quilting a top from 15 years ago. It's approximately twin size so it will take a bit of time.
Have a good day. Jo


  1. See you are making progress! and the picture of Luke is precious.

  2. Oh, Jo! What a great picture! I love the hexagons, too. My mother made a lot of hexagon quilts, mostly Grandmothers Flower Garden. My favorite is the one I have that my grandmother pieced and my mother quilted. Some of the fabrics used are from clothing my sister and I wore, so it's a family treasure!