Sunday, April 3, 2011

Need Help

Will it work?
The story regarding this block is the fact that I am trying to do two things in the same quilt. 1). I am using my 6" squares from the 2010 Maquoketa guild exchange, by cutting them into 2.5" squares. Then I am using them as my leaders and enders as I sew whatever else. 2). The first of the year, all guild members were told to take home a book from the library and make something out of it. The something is due at the July meeting.

The book I took home was Create a Quilt by Joyce Mori. I looked and looked through the book but could not find anything. Then I decided, since I am 72 years old, I would look on page 72 and see what was there. Well, nothing took my fancy on that page but on the opposite page was a quilt named Puzzle Pieces. It inspired me.

When the blocks are put together there will be black units like the lavender one. I think what is wrong with the block is that the lavendar does not show up enough. I think I should have used a solid color rather than a tone-on-tone. Each block will have a different color in the center.

My question is this: If I quilt the lavender in black thread at 1/4 " and cross hatch the scrap squares, will the design show up enough? Remember, this is not a "show" quilt. Just a fun quilt. But I can take the time to unsew and put in a solid if the quilt demands it. Let me know what you think!


  1. Is this block sashed as it appears or not? I think set block to block it could be interesting to see what secondary design the black creates. As is ones eye is drawn to the black and the lavendar recedes. On the other hand if there is a lavendar center in each block who knows? You need to make more blocks, my friend. Love ya

  2. No sashing, the blocks will be set next to each other creating a black design just like the lavender. The block that I am piecing now is using an darker olive green.

    I did have a "light blub" moment when I decided to pull out all the brights and some darks from the pack of Maywood Sweet 16's, to use first. No clue how big this will get.

  3. Jo, I agree with Lorinda in that we need to see at least one more block and a set of four would be better to see the secondary pattern. Where the yellow or white is against the lavendar it shows up fine, I think either using a very dark next to the lavendar or a very light or intense color like the yellow would make the lavendar stand out more. It's more of a value thing than whether the lavendar is solid or tone on tone. Well, that's my 2 cents, anyway.

  4. I had not been picking and choosing the fabrics, just takiing with came up on the stack next but since I have some more 6" squares to cut into 2.5" squares I will be more selective in the sewing. I am going to go ahead and make 4 blocks, then post the results.

  5. I like the scrappiness of it, and think it will be just fine as it is. I wouldn't worry about the purple showing up; it does just fine, and each block will have it's own focus color. I am visualizing this in a blue of similar hue, and then maybe green, and they all look fine without being any darker at all. If the blocks are set solid, the black is going to wind up the focal point anyway. I wouldn't quilt the purples any different from the other, though there's no reason not to if you want to. Love the way you picked the pattern.