Sunday, April 10, 2011

Box Number 3

Finally, my Box Number 3 quilt is all pieced.  Also, I have the backing made and the binding strips cut. All three are now residing on a hanger in the closet. When will it get quilted? No clue, but it's ready for basting whenever. Did I make any mistakes when sewing the blocks together, of course, The blocks in the thrid row got confused and I did not discover it until after the center was all pieced. No, I did not unsew and make it right, that would have been too much work. The finished size is 63" x 88". Not bad for starting out with (24) 6" squares.

The little blue strip along the side edges is a 1/4" flippy I used in place of a 2nd side border. I didnlt want it any wider, just longer. Below is the doll quilt I made out of the leftovers. It is a 22" square.


  1. very nice colors in your quilt, and the doll quilt is very cute!

  2. Jo, I love the colors and the checkerboard borders on top and bottom. It's tricky to make a quilt longer with borders, but you did this well!

  3. Love the way the Box #3 turned out. You are prolific!