Monday, April 4, 2011

Doll Quilts

Can you believe this doll quilt took me approx 7 hours to make? And I didn't even make the blocks, they were given too me. The quilt is approx 24" square. The blocks were 6" and not all the exactly the same size. I decided it would be easiest to frame each block then square them up to 8".
I machine quilted and machine bound but it still took me, what I would consider, a long time. Yes, I do sew slow but ........

I guess that's why I like making big quilts that you know will take forever. I always think you can make something little in an hour or two and I never can, it always takes a day.


  1. Some lucky little girl is going to love this! Framing the not quite 6" squares was a great solution!

  2. The quilt looks wonderful, and I don't think that is an excessive amount of time. You put it together and quilted and bound it and that all takes time, no matter the size of the project.