Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Boy Fifield

Baby Boy Fifield arrived yesterday at 5:06 AM (California time). He weighted in at 8 lbs. 5 ozs. Mom and Dad are doing fine, still a little tired from pulling an "all nighter". He is named
 Luke Joseph.

Since he now has a name, I can show the quilt. No, it really isn't that pink. I am not a photographer and really don't want to be and it shows, badly. Please take the time to notice how well the stripes are aligned both up and down.
The quilting was Big Stitched in blue for hearts to represent kisses from Grandma. And green for the X's to represent the hugs.
It was sent a little over a week and a half ago and both his sisters tried it out to make sure it would work. I got the word from Mom that they both approved.
Proud Papa Paul and Baby Luke


  1. Oh how sweet! Congratulations, G-Ma! Wow, Paul has sure changed since I saw him last! The quilt is sweet, too, and those stripes match perfectly!

  2. Love the quilt! Good job on the stripes. Congratulations!