Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 MAQ guild BOM

When I looked back at the last post I was so surprised at the date. July 13th seems like so long ago, but then again I wonder what have I accomplished during that time?

Well, I did get two things done. I accomplished my BOM blocks for the Maquoketa, IA, guild. I am turning in two blocks as I did not get the July block done on time. After making those blocks I immediately set out to make the August blocks. I took the pictures and set them aside, thinking I would post them on the blog right away. Guess what? I've already forgotten which were July's blocks and which were for August. Ugh! I guess it doesn't matter anyway, so here they are in no particular order.
I don't remember anything special about the flying geese block. Except for the fact that I cut the red fabric too small the first time round. Where does my brain go some days? Must have been on a mini vacation when I went to cut that fabric.

Now, as for these blocks!
The story goes like this. I decided to see if I could straighten out the drunk! And I will admit it was a challenge. I probably didn't do right by him but I tried, I suppose he will go back to his drinking and wandering around but guess I can't do much about that.

Have a good day!  Jo

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  1. Jo, I've given you the blog on fire award. You can read about it on my blog. I love your blog and your blocks! Have fun with Lorinda and the other DBQers! Wish I could have come, too!