Saturday, August 20, 2011

The tale of the tiger!

Once upon a time there were two ladies and they both had little boys that were 4 years old. These two ladies met because they were both quilters and became very good friends. During the course of their lives, one of the friends moved away to many and various places but they still remained very good friends and would continue to visit each other almost every year. One year they both needed warm robes for the long cold winters of Iowa and Montana. During one of the visits in Montana they decided that they would make nice warm fleece robes so they went on a visit to JoAnne's.

But . . . they only had one coupon! What to do, what to do?

Being the very smart woman they were, they decided to buy the same fabric and make matching fleece robes. They had so much fun wearing their robes when the went to visit each other and at quilt retreats. With a quick glance at their backs it was hard for people to figure out which was who and who from which! That was fun!

Finally, the robes wore out so on a trip to Iowa in 2010 they bought more fabric to make another set of matching robes. The friend from Montana got hers made and wore it that winter but the friend in Iowa was too busy and her robe fabric sat in a basket under the writing desk, totally neglected until her 2nd daughter took pity and cleaned the dining room table, laid the new fleece out and pinned on the pattern - THEN LEFT IT!

When the lady from Iowa came home from her shopping trip that day, the fabric with the pattern pieces was still on the table so there was nothing to do but the cut the robe out! She then folded it up and put it back in the basket under the writing desk. Where it sat again. Finally, she made a promise that it would be the next item she sewed. And she did!
Did I mention that those little boys are now 32 year old men with wives. Paul and Lindsay have 2 little girls and a new baby boy born in April. Hank and Mandy are expecting their first baby in September.


  1. I feel very honored to those two very smart, very talented quilters! Hope you guys had a great visit! Miss you!

  2. Way to go, Jo! Good picture. Boys were born in '78. That makes them 33:)