Sunday, June 12, 2011

Doll Quilts

23" x 23"
Yesterday, I pieced a flannel back for this doll quilt made out of the scraps from Luke's baby quilt. Then I machine quilted and bound it. It seems to have taken me all day to do this. And, evidently wore we out. I am exhausted today!

I now have the center and sashings all quilted on my "Purple & Friends" quilt. I've spent 3 hours playing with different ideas for the borders. Not sure yet what it will be. Two borders are 4" and the other two are 3". That complicated things a little bit. I'm hoping to have a light bulb moment soon!


  1. What a sweet doll quilt! Some days we do a lot and have energey to spare and then there are other days when we feel like we've done nothing and are exhausted. I know that feeling! Hope today is one with lots of energy!

  2. Dearest friend, do you have a tally of how many doll quilts you make in a year? What incredible community service, you put me to shame. Also seems like a wonderful way to use up leftover fabrics. Even after using a lot for back art like Lois, there are still little pieces left that I hate putting back in my stash.