Friday, January 28, 2011

Box Number 3

Finally, I found the time to get the sashing and cornerstones cut and get the blocks laid out. They are sitting beside the machine just waiting for me to get sewing. I have them stacked in rows going across the quilt but I may change my mind and add the sashing to two (2) sides of the blocks and then sew them together, if I do that method I think I want to sew them in long rows down the length of the quilt. Decisions!

So what else have I been up too? Well, I cut and washed the fabric for my newest grandson's quilt, he will be joining us in April. I won't put any pictures up for a while. I'm going to keep it a surprise for the parents since they always keep the name of the baby a surprise until they are born.

I almost have the binding turned on my MY SIDE OF THE BED quilt (Box 1). I should get that finished today. I have desk work to do so that may be just about all I get done unless I ignore the desk, and I just may do that. I feel more in the mood to sew.

Here's hoping you get to spend the day at your sewing machine.

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