Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Box Number 3

Where does the time go?

I looked back and it was January 5th when I showed you the picture of the 10 brown blocks from Box Number 3. Then, I said that maybe I would have a picture to show you of the 10 blue blocks the next day! So if you take 12 minus 5, the answer is 7, so where did the 7 days go?

I did get some quilting done on my Box Number 1 quilt. In fact, I had better get another quilt basted or I will have to go thru "quilt withdrawal" when I finish this one. And quilt withdrawal is very painful. So guess I should figure out what quilt is next, Box Number 2 or one of the other quilts hanging in the closet.

Decisions, decisions, everywhere you look there is another decision to be made. But it's fun, isn't it!

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