Monday, January 17, 2011

Blocks to Raffle

Don't ask me why I did it, I just did!

I bought five (5) Blocks to Raffle at the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild meeting in January (due at the February meeting). Smarty me, decided that I would get them made up early. We were given (2) 3.5" green squares and (2) 3.5" gold squares. All I needed to do was provide (2) 6.5" squares for each packet. Really simple, right!

Well, I sewed the green and gold together and put them into four patches, all 5 sets. Then I got out my scrap box of 6.5" squares and found four sets of red, then headed to the fabric cupboard to find one more and cut the squares necessary.

Oh, I was just rolling along.

Then, when I put a four patch next to the 6.5" red square I found out I had a problem. A Big Problem!!! They were not the same size. Out came the thread ripper and what should have been a 1/2 day project turned in to a 2 day project.

Actually I do like the blocks but I am hoping I do NOT win any of them. I have seen enough of those blocks.

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  1. But, Jo, they would make a really cute Christmasa throw or as my friend, Joyce, calls them -- a nap blankie. Of course, if you're like me, you can count the number of naps you've taken in the last year or so on one hand. Well, not counting the first few days after my foot surgery, I did nap a few times then. I like your blocks!