Saturday, May 18, 2013

    Good day (or night) to all.
 In looking back over the week I did see some accomplishment in the hand quilting department. I was able to get the quilting on the 1st border (small 2" and pink) completed. I quilted a line 1/4" on the inside and two lines at 1/4" & 3/8" on the outside. Considering it is a smaller size quilt it probably did not add up to much but I will take any progress as a good sign. 

Another small accomplishment was making and attaching one more hexagon flower.
And for my piecing project. I did get the 1st and 2nd borders on the quilt. Now the mystery quilt is complete.


I can't leave well enough alone and I have decided that I like the quilt. (Even after all my bad mouthing the directions.) So I now have to add a plain 3rd border and a pieced 4th border, to make the quilt large enough for my twin bed. Here is how my piecing is coming along. As you can see I have a bunch more sewing to do as each tan square get two small squares sewn on.
And remember, enjoy your hobby!  Jo


  1. Looks like a good list of accomplishments to me! And you bought and rode your bike besides. Sometimes when you do little bits of lots of things it makes it hard to feel progress. MAking a visual list like this really lets you see just how much you have done -- good idea.
    Love ya

  2. Jo, you have always been more efficient at accomplishing your quilt projects than most of us! Nice to see what you are doing now.