Sunday, May 27, 2012

A little of this, a little of that!

14" square

I can't remember when but sometime within the last few months I took a fusible applique class. Why? I think I just needed an excuse for a day away from home.  I did this class the easy way, first I bought a kit from the teacher, second I had a very good friend (Joan) sitting at my table. It went like this, the teacher taught the class and Joan was my private tutor. It's a big apple and will look great on the side of a tote bag. Yeah, I know what your thinking, "but Jo doesn't make stuff like table runners and tote bags." You're correct, I don't, so we shall wait and see on this one. Guess that's why I am showing you a picture now as you may never see it if I wait for the finished project.

29" x 34"

At the last Maquoketa guild meeting the shop owner from Spools & Jewels, Cascade, offered a fat quarter and a pattern to anyone that wanted to make a doll quilt. We had to add a second fabric and the background.

I like zig-zag patterns, in fact, the quilt on our bed right now is a scrappy zig-zag. But this one is made using squares, there is not one half-square triangle in the whole quilt. Did I follow the pattern exactly? No, I added a row of background squares in the middle and I used all the rectangles I could cut from the fat-quarter I was given, so my quilt is going to be a little larger than most. Oh well, maybe some little girl actually plays with a bigger doll.


  1. Cute projects. I like the apple. It is cheerful. Add a border and hang it in your kitchen.

    I can see a scrappy big quilt using all the squares and rectangles -- a good way to get rid of more scraps.

  2. Cute apple! you don't have to make a bag, buy one and sew it on!

  3. Good idea, why didn't I think of that!