Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How Many Pinwheels?

In one of the blogs that I sort of follow, there was a post about sewing in solids. Now I have a whole bin, one of those Sterilite plastic bins that are approx. 16" wide x 26" long x 14" high, totally full of solid fabrics. Have I used any of them lately? The answer to that question is NO! Not in forever or so it seems.

Combine that with the desire to make a mini quilt for the mini quit auction at the upcoming quilt show in May for the Cable Car Quilters Guild, Dubuque, IA, and you have a perfect fit of making a "twoferone" project. I just love those, don't you?

18" x 18"

And what you see is what developed. But that really isn't a lavender in the center, it's really a gray. Don't know what happened inside the camera but use your imagination and your mind will see it as a gray. Yes, it's hand quilted "Big Stitch". It was fun, it makes me want to get in and play with my solids even more but that will have to wait.

I dug into another bin the other day and after the sorting through process, I came up with 5 projects in various stages. 1) is just a single block. 2) is two blocks. Both of which I want to continue making until I have enough blocks to make into a quilt. 3) are blocks sewn into strips that need to be sewn together. 4) is four blocks that I will finish off as a doll quilt. 5) is a center that I pieced from 9-patches, I just need to add a black border, then the next border is made from blocks I won at a guild block raffle.

Will I do them all right now? Probably not but I hope to get the strips sewn together first, then finish up the doll quilt. Then get the parts and pieces of the raffle blocks together. If I get that accomplished I will feel like I am a winner.

Have a good day.


  1. I like the yellow--gives piece an inner light. I went through a whole phase of working only in solids. It was peaceful at a time in my life when I needed that.

  2. It's rare that I use solids anymore. I do have them, just don't pull them for the scrap quilts very often. I do like prints that "read" like solids for sashes and other things like that, though. I love the little pinwheel quilt!

  3. This is an awesome little the stitching!