Friday, March 9, 2012

The quilt has a name, "My Puzzle Quilt"

   It's done!

   I'm done with the quilting, done with the binding, done with getting the marking lines out, done with the label, done with the sleeve, and now . . . done with the pictures. Wow! Doesn't that feel good!

   Back on June11, 2011. I talked about having the piecing all done. The quiting was finished either the end of December or the first part of January. I guess my memory must be getting bad as I don't remember for sure, maybe I should start keeping better notes.

The quilting and the backing fabric.

My Puzzle Quilt
63" x 79"
   The original idea for this quilt came from the book Create A Quilt by Joyce Mori. I took the book home as part of the book challenge for the Maquoketa Town & Country Guild Guild. The scrappy fabric was from a 6" fabric exchange by the same guild the year before. Oh, it is so much fun to combine two projects into one! I cut the 6" squares down to (4) 2.5" squares making them finish at 2".

   Have I told you lately that I don't like making borders for quilts any more. It was so much fun to incorporate a border into the block piecing. I'm going to do this more if it works with the design, either that or I won't put a border on at all, like they used to do.

Have a great day, I'm going back to my sewing machine for a while. 


  1. That came out nice. I like it. Those 2 in one projects are fun ones and it seems like rare in my life.

  2. Hi JO,

    I really like your blog and I've listed you for a Liebster award on my blog. Check it out and see if you'd like to give out some awards yourself. Keep up the good work!