Thursday, February 16, 2012

The month of January

In the first place, I can't believe that the whole month of January and half of February has gotten away from me and I didn't posted any new blogs.

Then, when I looked back at what I had gotten accomplished it was even harder to believe that I had gotten so little done. Where does time go? I remember as a child that days were so much longer. I can't have slowed down that much in my old age. Or could it?

Anyway, I only have two pictures to post for January. The first are paper pieced log cabin blocks that I volunteered to made for a friend. They are made using the Fossil Fern Collection from Benartex. (Remember, I carry all 100 colors in the shop.) This picture was taken before the papers were trimmed and there are four blocks in each colorway. If my math is correct, that makes 48 blocks.

Now, you're probably saying that I didn't do too bad making 48 blocks in January but the whole story is that most of them were made before January ever got here. I just finished up the last few groups in January.

Then came January 21st, I started feeling a slight burning sensation on my left side. By Wednesday the 25th it was worse so I decided I wanted to go to the doctor, of course I couldn't get an appointment until Friday the 27th, then it finally dawned on me what I had. Yeah, the Doc confirmed that I had Shingles. I really didn't feel like getting much of anything done at that point although I did sit in my rocking chair and do some hand quilting. More on that in the next post.

These are the flowers that were delivered to cheer me up. Thank you Joan T.

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  1. Missed having you post. So sorry about the shingles, I know several who have had them and they said they are AWFUL! Hope the rest of this month is better! Love the log cabin!