Saturday, November 12, 2011

Doll Quilts

For a few or maybe some years, I have been subscribing to Benartex's Fat Quarterly magazine (club), not sure exactly what it is called but I love it. What they do is send a little 8 page magazine plus 5" squares of one of their new fabric lines that have come out. You get this 4 times a year. I love getting fabric in the mail, always have.

Most of the time I fondle the fabrics for a while and then end up setting them aside. After a while they go into (another) scappy hexagon flower quilt that I have going.

The last set of fabrics I received with my Fat Quarterly magazine were a set of batiks. Now, as a hand quilter, I don't use batiks in my quilts so these got set on the sewing desk in a stack of other things. When I came across them a few days ago I made the decision that they would work for a doll quilt.

22" x 27"

I think it worked out pretty good.


  1. Great use of batiks! I've found them harder to applique, too, but I like the look, so use them anyway. I mostly machine quilt anymore, so that part doesn't bother me.

  2. That's a pretty little collection. I didn't keep up with the newsletter after the first year. I couldn't keep up but it was fun to receive the fabrics in the mail.