Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pineapple Chunks

I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately, so I did what I do best, I started another project!

A couple of months ago I saw an ad for Gyleen Fitzgerald's book, "Trash to Treasure Pineapple quilts". It sounded intriguing and it had a scrappy pineapple block on the front. So I bought the book and the special ruler.

Now you must understand that I already own 10-12 specialty rulers that I have never used, so I am asking myself, "why am I buying another one!"

Then I joined Gyleen's facebook page. Then she said she was having a Pineapple Chunk Challenge. 

Here are my first 9 blocks. And it may be the last 9 blocks.


  1. Your blocks look great! It is always fun to start new projects isn't it!

  2. Love the pineapple blocks. I did a red and white pineapple, but it's still a top. Need to get to quilting all those tops waiting.

  3. They blocks look kind of wacky rather than classic pineapple blocks -- more contemporary. I like them.

  4. Why might they be your last 9 pineapple blocks? They are great! I've made them, and love them! ♥♥♥

  5. Actually, I did enjoy making them, I just didn't like my scrappy fabric picks. Maybe I need to start off more traditional, more color focused. Also, I just had too many projects going when I started, I need to make it a project that I work on from start to finish rather than a block here a block there. But thank you for bring that idea back into the forefront of my brain.