Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family Visit

In mid-February, our youngest son, Paul, his wife and two little girls (ages 4 & 2) came for a visit. While here the little girls wanted to "play with some fabric". I let them pick some fat quarters. They were opened up and laid on the floor for stepping stone, room dividers, etc. Toward the end of their visit, I had Haley (the 4 year old) pick out eight (8) and put then into pairs of two (2), which I made into (6") 9-patch blocks. After they left I made a doll quilt for each of the girls.
These will get shipped out to the girls today. 

While I was working on the quilts, I had a customer ask me if I was planning to sign the quilts. Answer, "no, they're just doll quilts." She gave me this look! So in the end, I grabbed a permanent pen and signed the name the girls call me.

The next picture if the newest one that Paul took while in Bellevue. It's of Potter's Mill from the creek bridge on the south edge of town. Yes, it was a very gray day!


  1. What cute doll quilts and how those little girls will treasure them! That's a great idea - wish I'd done it for all 9 of our granddaughters. Most would consider that too young a gift now, but there are a couple who might like them. I've made baby quilts and bed quilts, just never the doll quilt. Paul's photo looks like a painting. Is that mill a restaurant or am I thinking of another mill?

  2. Yes, Lois, you have the right mill. I guess the operative work is used to be a restaurant. It is now closed. There have been a number of people that have tried, off and on, since 1993 to make it work and it hasn't worked out for any of them. It was during the flood of 1993 when it was announced in Chicago that all the bridges to Iowa were closed that Bellevue lost it's tourists. That hit the town hard. And, as I recall, it was only one bridge in the Quad Cities that was actually closed.

  3. Love the doll quilts. All of a sudden I am paying attention to Grandmother things! What fun for the girls to get to play with the fabric that will be in their quilts. Also love the Bellevue picture. Paul really captured the light of a grey day. Sorry to hear the mill is closed once again.