Friday, March 25, 2011

Box Number 1

In my blog of April 8, 2010, I said I wanted something to piece so I found a pink plastic shoe box filled with 5" squares. Some of which had been made into 4-patch units. After getting them all pieced into 4-patches and into a quilt that would just fit my half of the king size bed, I  took them to my local long-armer to baste for me. When I got it back I decided to quilt it with diagonal rows in two colors of thread.

On January 30, 2011, I declared the quilt DONE!
The label was even on.
40" x 84"

Close-up of the "Big Stitch" hand quiltling.

Next up will be pictures of my Box Number 2 quilt. It's all done, too.

My Box Number 3 quilt is still in the piecing stage but I do have the center pieced. It is waiting for border inspiration.

The baby quilt for Baby Boy Fifield is just waiting for me to bind it.

Box Number 4 is at the long-armer waiting to get basted. That quilt story I will tell you another day.      Jo


  1. It looks lovely! Baby boy Fifield is lucky to have you in his life

  2. I need to get busy. I want my own my side of the bed quilt. I have king size my side quilts but a queen needs something a bit smaller. Are you using yours now that it is done?