Sunday, October 30, 2011

2011 MAQ guild BOM

I've made the decision to unclutter my life, I have too much "stuff" laying around on my sewing desk. No room left to work! So, I pulled out the box with the Maquoketa guild Block of the Month to see how far behind I was. It looked like two or maybe three months. I had the directions for two of the blocks so I decided to make one block of each to give to the guild. I didn't want to take the time to make a set for myself.

Then I started thinking, did I really want to make this quilt for myself? The answer turned out to be NO. So the decision was made to not make any more of the blocks and to give the guild the other set that I had made for myself. The guild gets 16 blocks total and I have an empty box. Wonderful!


  1. I am in the same place with my sewing/quilting. We did a block of the month in our church group and I did the tutorials on most of the blocks. I made small things and gave them away as I did not want to make another large quilt.
    I have too much stuff too and I am trying to use it up and I am having trouble staying focused because I don't have time for the things I am more interested in doing. Good luck with the uncluttering.Every once in a while I thing I should just give about half of my stuff away but when I start going through it I don't get very far.

  2. Ruth, I agree with you on how hard it is to give your "stuff" away.

  3. Oh, boy, Jo! Does my room need a thorough going through and cleaning, decluttering, etc. No time, though so I'll just have to work in the clutter a bit longer!