Monday, December 20, 2010

Old Projects

One box from the basement totally empty. Do I feel good or what! Yesterday I finished up the doll quilt and have it nicely folded and tucked away for next Christmas season. It is a 24" square with flannel on the back.

Yes, you that know me well know that I do not like applique very much but I used the Quiltsmart preprint interfacing for the hearts. On the doll quilt, I machine sewed them on with a small zigzag. That's the way the Quiltsmart people do it and it worked really well, plus I even like the look. I had better watch out or I may end up liking applique after all.

And here is a picture of the finished quilt top. It is 53" x 79". I will probably take it to a long-armer to machine baste for me, then I will set it aside until that "someday" when I have time to quilt it.

Don's ask me why but I just had to put a flower in the lower right corner. It will get a button in it's center after it's quilted.


  1. Cute and it is done. Wish I was half as productive as you:)

  2. Jo, I love the new, old quilt! You've always been very creative and prolific!

  3. Nice! I'm impressed. And, I was wondering about that flower in the bottom right corner...