Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My mural

Last year I had out of town people telling me they had a hard time finding my shop. I guess my hanging sign wasn't noticeable enough! So, what to do?

Some have told me to paint quilt blocks on my pillars. Well, when I found out I had textured limestone pillars under all that stucco, I made the decision that I was not going to paint the pillars but I would start picking off the stucco as it became loose. That's why my pillars look so weird, but someday the old pillars will be exposed again. You have to remember that this building was build sometime in the mid 1850's.

So, back to the problem of how to make the shop more noticeable. In the spring, Barb at the Cellar Urchin, the shop on the corner, was telling how she was going to the Sioux City area to paint a mural for a friend. Light bulb time! My funny entry would be a perfect spot for a mural! After much chatter it was decided to make it a go. Following is the work as it progresses.

End of day one.

End of day two. How fun is this!
Keep watching for the final product!

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